Ontario man charged with murder after suspicious disappearance of mother and grandmother

An Ontario man has been charged with murder after the disappearance of his mother and grandmother in Whitby.

Ava Burton, 58, and Tatilda Noble, 85, disappeared from their home earlier this month. 

On Friday, police arrested and charged 30-year-old Joshua Burton in Oshawa and charged him with two counts of second-degree murder. 

He is the son and grandson of Burton and Noble, police say.

The remains of Burton and Noble have not been found. 

“It is presumed that they are deceased,” police said in a news release Saturday. “Police continue to look for any clues that will help them find their remains.”

Police began investigating Burton and Noble’s disappearance on Oct. 14. At the time, they said they located evidence at the scene that indicated suspicious circumstances. 

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