This Was Jessica Chastain’s One Condition For Doing Nude Scenes With Oscar Isaac – E! Online

In HBO’s Scenes From a Marriage, Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac bared it all—in more ways than one.

In the limited series, the Zero Dark Thirty and Ex Machina stars were emotionally and physically vulnerable with each other, often crying and screaming as they depicted an unhappily married couple. And while the actors were praised for their portrayals online, it seems people were most impressed by Oscar’s decision to go fully nude.

The View‘s Sonny Hostin brought up the nudity during an interview with the onscreen duo, telling Oscar, “I hate to do it, but I have to ask… Twitter, we were talking about it—were you surprised at that reaction? Was there ever a moment where you second-guessed your decision to reveal yourself?”

Oscar said that he was “fine” with the nudity at first, but once he saw the footage he was surprised to realize it’s “there for everyone” to see.

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